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Repairs & Gym Maintenance

Let's face it. Most fitness facilities do not give maintenance much thought even though it is fundamental to the success of any fitness center. In the long run, it may even be more important than sales. The hidden costs of not having a maintenance program include lost customers, legal liability, repairs,  and/or replacement costs. Additionally,  it is a proven fact that equipment that is not maintained properly breaks down much more frequently than those that are maintained.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to keep your fitness equipment working safely and efficiently. It also limits the frequency of repairs through regular calibration, lubrication, and inspections.

               Our PM services include but are not limited to:    

--Inspecting and adjusting running belts and decks  

--Inspecting and adjusting timing and drive belts
--Cleaning, lubricating, and checking all chains and guiderods   
 --Checking for worn cables and pulley wheels

--Checking diagnostic codes and electronic connections 

--Cleaning, vacuuming, checking wax levels, and brushes 

--Checking for wear on upholstery, pedals straps, and seat adjusters 

--Inspecting sprockets, bushings, movement arms, shoulder bolts,      pillow blocks, and bearings
--Insuring proper alignment of all moving parts


We offer this service because just as it is recommended by the manufacturer, we feel that it will benefit your facility and fitness equipment significantly. By having regular preventive maintenance services performed, we can identify potential problem areas and repair them before they become actual problems, costing you unnecessary time and money.

Our PM programs are scheduled on a monthly or quarterly basis and are customized to your facility. Please contact us to discuss your facility's needs. 

Our goal is to eliminate the down time at your facility and to keep

those "Out of Order" signs "Out of Sight".


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